The Future of ResQAI

What are phases, and what do they mean for this project?

There will be in total 3 phases of development for ResQAI, currently we are in phase 1.

Phase I

Here's where we are at right now, in this phase, the main priority is to get an app working, this was achieved succesfully.

Here are some other objectives of this phase:

Get an app working with Gemini Pro’s API in Android. - Done

The AI provides instructions in natural language to treat injuries in the field even without previous medical experience. - Done

Use a set of questions t of natural language and pre-determined options, that give us the data necessary. - Done

Phase II

Present it at SEEC 2024 - Due February 8

Integrate Google’s Gemini Nano, making it availabre for places where internet is not widely available.

Integrate profiles, with medical history, allergies, insurance information and other important data, and expand the platform to iOS. 

Phase III

Focus more on space mission applications, adapting the app to fit the needs of said missions.

Integrate VR with Aexa Aerospace’s Holoport and Holoconnect technology for instructional videos.

Develop further the AI, tranining it with more and more data as time goes on.