Medicine+AI+Space Exploration = ResQAI

Objective of the Project

Combining Innovation, Helping People and Space Exploration

What is ResQ AI?

ResQ AI is an application that is designed to help people in emergency situations, through a series of questions and taking advantage of emerging AI technologies, like Google's Gemini Pro, using its wide data base. When prompted with an injury, the app will give a treatment, with do's and don'ts. This project will have 3 phases, and you can learn more about them in here

This app was created by me, Leonardo Gámez. The potential of this app is in the moon! (Literally) Since this project will be presented at Space Center Houston's SEEC!

This app will help save lives, however it is for educational purposes only at the time being, and the app with the AI will be continuously developed further, while more medical advice and feedback from experts is recieved. This app is NOT a substitute for medical advice.

How does it work?

Quite simple really, you'll just have to answer a few questions pertaining to pain level, AVPU scale, Glasgow coma scale, but don't worry, it will all be explained in the question itself. After that is done, the Gemini Pro API will be called, and within seconds, you'll know how to help someone that's injured. Try it out yourself, even if you aren't injured!

ResQ AI is an app that will save lives.

ResQAI has been presented at Houston!

That's right! This project, that has been worked on for over 6 months now has been presented at Houston Space Center's Space Exploration Educators Conference, in Houston, in the conference: AI + Space Holograms: Unleashing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Space Education.

Want to test it yourself?

That's great! You'll only need a connection to the internet and an android phone, to download it, click here. When you're done testing it, please write an email to the adress below telling us your opinion, it really matters.

Meet our friends!

We at ResQAI believe that health goes beyond emergency situations. There are things like clinical analysis or other healthcare needs that we can't cover. That's why we invite you to meet our friends!

Any Question?

Send an email to for more information about this project. Created by Leonardo Gámez Cuéllar